Follow this SpeedSales Walktrough

and find out how easy it is to use

Enter the Sales Module to access SpeedSales

You have two ways to enter the sales module:

1st option - In the purple bar at the top of your website, click on "Website" and then "Sales"

2nd option - Enter the backoffice of your website by typing "/web" at the end of the url. Click on the box with little squares in the left corner of the page and then on "Sales"


Choose a Channel!

You can have multiple channels in SpeedSales. Each channel can correspond to a sales team, a product, a service, etc.

"My Channel" is a channel that comes automatically created but you can create as many as you like

To create a channel click on "Settings" -> "Sales Teams" -> "Create" and fill out the form


Simple Sales Funnel!

Enter one of your channels. There you have your sales funnel

The SpeedSales sales funnel is organized from left to right: the first state is on the left and the final status is on the right

Click on "Create" to add a new sales opportunity to SpeedSales

Fill out the new opportunity creation form:

"Opportunity Title" - what is the opportunity

"Client" - name of the client

"Expected Return" - how much you will gain if you finish the sale (if you know it)

"Classification" - rate the importance of the opportunity using a star rating system

Edit your Sales Funnel statuses

The opportunity you created is now on the first status of the sales funnel

You can customize your sales funnel by adding and removing statuses as well as hiding some 

Personalize statuses: Pass the mouse over the status. Click on the gear icon and then on "Edit Stage" - here you can change the name and other information of the state

Add statuses: Click on "Add column" and name it. You can drag it into place - By default, this status appears on all channels. If you want it to appear only on one channel, click on the gear icon, folloed by "Edit Stage" and then set the team

Remove statuses: Click on the gear icon and then "Delete"

Hide statuses: Click on the gear icon and then "Fold" - you can unfold it by clicking on it

Drag and Drop your opportunities trough the Sales Funnel!

As your opportunity goes trough the sales process it must move forward in the SpeedSales

Simply click on the opportunity you want to move and drag it to where you want it to go

Note: You can ask us to automatically add incoming emails and responses to landing pages as opportunities

Edit your Opportunity Info and Schedule Contacts!

Keep in touch with your potential customers by scheduling your next contacts and activities

You can change the color of the opportunities as you wish. Hover over the opportunity and click on the icon with three lines and choose the color

Click on your opportunity. There you have your opportunity form where you can add or edit information about it

You can schedule your next task, contact or activity on the right. Simply especify what you have to do and when

Assign one salesperson to each sale opportunity

With SpeedSales the entire sales team immediately has access to the newly created opportunity and you can assign this opportunity to the salesperson with fewer opportunities in that sales team

Just click in "Action" and then "Assign attributed partner seller" or by filling the "Seller" box on the opportunity form 

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Everything is registered!

You can easily keep up with what's going on.

All the important opportunity information is registered below the opportunity

This history of info shows you automatic events such as changes of state and manual events such as registration of notes, emails and phone calls.

You can see it by clicking on your opportunity and scrolling down

Filter what you see!

The sales funnel is pre-set to show only the opportunities!

If you mark an opportunity as lost (click on the opportunity and there click "Mark as lost"), it automatically disappears from the sales funnel.

To see your lost opportunities, click on the magnifying glass icon near to the search bar. Underneath it will appear three options:

- "Filters": choose what you want to see

- "Group by": group the opportunities into categories  

- "Favorites": save your search or add to your panel


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Reminds you of everything!

You will never miss a thing you have to do!

Everytime you enter the system, you are presented with a summary of what you have at hand.

On the left side, you have the summary of the meetings and upcoming actions you have to do today, in the next 7 days and overdue. On the right side, you have an analysis of your performance against your goal and last month.

Lastly, you have in each sales team the common goal to achieve.