About ANSER.Solutions

The short-version story

ANSER.Solutions is a business tool software development company aimed at making any business as mobile and flexible as possible, while guaranteeing the maximum possible security. We provide a true Road Warrior all-in-one solution.

Its name was inspired after the anser-anser goose that features some amazing natural skills. We identify ourselves with these skills such as:

  • Flies very high in the sky (above all predators and competitors) – ANSER's customers are better prepared than their competition with better and easier to use tools; 

  • Needs methodologies to travel long distances (a flock of geese flies in V to keep the more tired ones in the end and, as a flock, become stronger) - Our modular solutions make our customers as strong as possible and ready for any situation with real-time KPIs and reports;

  • They can land on land or water – Our customers can use our solutions to manage any kind of service, anywhere and with any kind of device;

  • They can have flocks of up to 25.000 elements, all working together and in harmony - Our solutions are composed of software and hardware modules seamlessly integrated with each other.