Website Tutorial

To help you build an amazing website

Start from Scratch!

Your website comes with a pre-built homepage with a menu at the top and a footer

You can choose the color scheme of your site. Click on "Customize" then "Customize Theme" and choose your favourite

Note: If you want any other themes, ask us! 

Create new pages!

You can create as many pages as you like

Enter your website and click "+ New" on the purple bar on the top. Then choose "New Page"

Fill in the name you want for the page (eg: About Us) and choose if you want this page to appear or not in the website's menu. If you want the page to appear on the menu, let the icon be colourful, if not, click on it (it will turn grey). Finish by clicking "Continue"

The url of the page is going to be your normal website url followed by the name of the page (eg:

By clicking "Edit" (next to "+New") you can change things later

Work on a blank canvas

Your new page appears completely white for you to work on 

On the left side you have a list of snippets that you can drag and drop onto the page

You don't have to drag and drop the snippets right into the final position. You can change positions later

Make it your own!

Each snippet is customizable. Do with them whatever you want

Each snippet comes in a customizable container. Each container can have several divisions that can also be customized

Click on the "Customize" button and transform the container or the elements. If that's not enough, use the toolbar on top to make it better

You can also duplicate and delete content as well as resize it

Use your favourite pictures! 

You can use the pictures you like the most!

Doube click on a snippet's image or on a image blog to add pictures

If you want pictures near the text without using a snippet, click on the image icon on the toolbar

Then click on "Upload an image" or in the arrow next to it to choose and upload a picture - The upload wthout optimization doesn't reduce image size and quality

You can also customize your images with the toolbar - round corners, resize, etc.

Text and image block

The perfect text is easy!

Write what you want and persolnalize your text to fit your website

Use the toolbar to set headings, turn text into bold or italic, change sizes, colours and alignments and to link it 

Set multiple languages and translate!

You can have multiple languages ​​on your website.

The main language is the language in which the website should be done and where is the "Edit" mode. The other languages only have a "Translate" mode

You can add new languages to your website. Go to your footer and click "Add Language" then choose the one you want

When you enter "Translate" mode, what has not yet been translated appears highlighted in yellow and what has already been appears green


Remove and Rename Website pages!

You can remove and rename your website pages easily.

Just click "Content" on the purple bar on top of your website and choose "Rename Page" or "Delete Page" and follow the steps. 


Edit your menu!

Select the pages you want on your menu!

Your site comes with a pre-defined menu with pages for each ANSER.One app.

You can delete menu items by clicking on the trash can icon and add menu entries by clicking "Add Menu Entry".

You can also edit your entrys by clicking on them and filling in the form.

To create sub-menus, drag one of the menu items underneath another by positioning it slightly to the right.

Optimize your SEO!

SEO is what makes your website well positioned on search engines.

With good SEO techniques, you can efficiently refer your website on search engines and attract more visitors.

In every page you want Google to detect, click on "Promote" and go to "Optimize SEO" and fill in the form