Terms of Use

Last Update: 2017-03-27


anser.solutions (“Site”) is a website managed and maintained by ANSER Solutions, Unipessoal Lda (“We”) that sells SaaS (software-as-a-service), technical support, websites and eCommerce stores.

The access and use of this website is allowed exclusively in agreement to the terms and conditions specified in this document. Browsing this website, as well as any transaction and interaction with this website implies the automatic acceptance of these terms and conditions, by the user and the customer.

Please read the terms very carefully before starting to use this website. By using this website, you accept all of the terms and conditions. In case you don't agree with some of the terms in this document, you cannot use this website.


All the content (information, images, sounds includes in the website, or available through the website) are supplied by ANSER, affiliates or content suppliers. The published content has all its rights reserved. It cannot be copied, duplicated, reproduced, changed, transferred, distributes, republished, by any mean that includes, but not only, electronic, mechanical, printed or recorder, without the previous written authorization from ANSER. You agree that the materials contained in this website are for personal use or reference and cannot be used for any commercial end.

ANSER will do all it can to keep this website entirely working and as updated as possible. ANSER will not be liable for any result or damage caused by errors that might exist in the website. The user cannot presume that the website is error-free or that it might serve a specific purpose when it is using it.

ANSER reserves the right to change, remove or add any content in this website, without any prior notice and without having to notify the users at any time.

Several modules, contents, products and services available in this website are not supplied by ANSER. ANSER does not guarantee that those products and services or any website accessed through links in this website are error and virus free. The user is responsible to guarantee the safety of its own computer systems before using attachments, hyperlinks or files supplied through the website, or communications started from the website.

In this website, or third-party websites linked with our contents, may find links to other sites and resources. ANSER is not liable for any content contained in these websites, nor it guarantees that its content is reviewed just because they are linked to this website.

The information contained in this website cannot be considered for any kind of technical support or professional support. The user must contact the software vendors or whoever might supply the required information. ANSER is not liable for any consequence caused by the use of the information contained in this website.

ANSER limits, by default, the access to information considered confidential or that are exclusively destined for customers, partners or professionals. There is no alternative process to obtain such information other that the stipulated by ANSER. This means that ANSER is not liable for any consequence when the user uses information obtained from other sources.

By submitting information, links, shared opinions in social networks through this website, you are doing it with the knowledge that ANSER might use that information for any purpose, such as copying it, changing it, publishing it, distributing it by any mean. The user assures that the published material is adequate and agrees to indemnify ANSER in case there is any kind lawsuit.

ANSER has the right to remove any material or content that doesn't wish to keep in the website, without any prior notice, and any kind of selection criteria.

Registered Users

In some areas of the website, the user may be asked for additional information in order to keep him/her updated on our products and services. That information will be treated according to our Privacy Policy. Please contact us is case you do not wish to receive such information, via e-mail at (anser @ anser.solutions) or phone (+351 308 802 489).

ANSER only gives access to restricted areas of the website to users whose registration is valid. There is no other kind of valid credential to get a user account in the website.

In case you are given a username and a password that gives you access to restricted areas of the website, the user must treat that information as confidential. The user is also responsible for any activities that may occur due to the usage of these access credentials.

The user is obliged to report any anomaly in the use of its data by others. ANSER is not liable for any wrong usage of such credentials. In these terms ANSER reserves the right to deactivate any account without any prior notice in case any anomaly is detected in the usage of such account, or for any reason that ANSER considers justifiable.

ANSER may suspend or change any user account or service without any prior notice, for any reason that considers justifiable, without the right to an appeal.

Final notes regarding the Terms of Use

No kind of content in this website can be considered an invitation to invest in any of the companies or associated trademarks or that might be referred to due to ANSER's association.

ANSER reserves the right to change these terms of use, whenever it sees fit and without any prior notice. These changes are in effect as soon as they are published in the website.

For any question related to this declaration and in the event that your interest are not represented in this statement contact ANSER immediately through the e-mail anser @ anser.solutions. You cannot use the website until you get a written reply.

Applicable Legislation

In the event of any dispute, under these terms, we agree with the attempt to mediation where each party much finance its own defense. In the event of non-resolution, of unsatisfactory resolution through mediation, the competent tribunal will be the one from Lisbon in Portugal, with the express refusal of any other, despite the country of origin of the user or customer.