Get to Know Our SeedSales.Pro

and find out how easy it is to use

SpeedSales isn't just a CRM!

SpeedSales isn't just a CRM module.

SpeedSales includes the Sales, the Prospect Automation, the Mass Mailing and the Website modules.

You can find them at your website Navbar, by clicking on "Website" or at your pannel.

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Simple Sales Funnel!

Start using SpeedSales' Sales Funnel easily and boost your sales!

Open the Sales module and enter your channel or create a new one. There you have your Sales Funnel organised from left to right.

Write down your sales opportunities with their expected return, if you know it. New opportunities are in the first state and as you go trought the sales process, you drag and drop your opportunity in the next sate of the funnel (you can skip sates or add new ones as well as hide existing ones).

All the info you need in one place!

Now you can have all the information you need about a customer in one place.

The opportunity form has all pertinent information, such as: a description of the opportunity, expected return, a probability, the customer data - if we know, the seller and... more important: the next activity.

This is where you will record the next step of this opportunity ensuring consistency of sales.

As long as you are careful to always record the next activity, no opportunity is lost!

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Don't loose the focus!

To stay focused and not miss out on advantageous opportunities, you must define the best opportunities.

You can highlight the opportunities with the highest potential by using a star rating sistem or by changing their color.

Create Opportunities Automatically

Stay organized with the automatic creation of opportunities.

SpeedSales allows you to automate the creation of opportunities, for example, you can make all emails delivered to a given address or all forms and landing pages filled in the website automatically generate an opportunity at the top of the funnel without any human intervention.

This eliminates the risk of the email going to Spam, not being viewed in a timely manner or being delivered to someone who for some reason is not available.

With SpeedSales the entire sales team immediately has access to the newly created opportunity and you can also automatically assign this new opportunity to the commercial with fewer opportunities in this sales team.

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Everything is registered!

You can easily keep up with what's going on.

All the important opportunity information is registered below the opportunity.

This history of info shows you automatic events such as changes of state and manual events such as registration of notes, emails and phone calls.

Since all members of the team have access to the sales funnel everyone can view the information history. This collaboration not only facilitates life internally but also gives a very good image of organization to the potential client.

Reminds you of everything!

You will never miss a thing you have to do! 

Everytime you enter the system, you are presented with a summary of what you have at hand.

On the left side, you have the summary of the meetings and upcoming actions you have to do today, in the next 7 days and overdue. On the right side, you have an analysis of your performance against your goal and last month.

Lastly, you have in each sales team the common goal to achieve.

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