Mass Mailing Tutorial

For better E-mail Marketing Campaigns

It's Easy to Start!

Mass Mailing is a SpeedSales' module.

Go to your mass mailing module as usual:

Click on "Website" on the purple bar on top of your website and the "Mass Mailing" or go to your backoffice, click on the box with squares and then "Mass Mailing"

There you'll see all of the stages of your e-mail marketing campaigns 

Create impactful newsletters!

Creating newsletters has never been so easy!

Start by clcikin "Create". There you have all the usual e-mail fields (sender, recipient and subject) and a newsletter template.

Select that template and start changing it to fit your needs! 

You decide everything!

You don't have to use the template as it is!

If you like the template and want an e-mail to be like it, just click on the elements and personalize them.

If you want something completely different, delete the template elements by clicking on them and on the trash can icon and drag and drop the snippets with the content you need.


Maintain a Consistent Flow

Is better for your company to have a consistent comunication!

Change colours and sizes of your elements to have a consistent flow throughout.

Click on the elements, then customize them. If the options aren't enough, use the toolbar on top! 

You can later duplicate this e-mail or delete it by clicking "Action" 

Create lists of recipients

Clients must be segmented to help your performance.

Create segmented lists of contacts by clicking "Select mailing lists" -> "Create and edit". Name it and (if you want) create a newsletter template for that list.

Click "Recipients" and then "Create". Fill in the data, save and do it to all your contacts. You can also inport from Excel.   


It's Ready to Test and Send!

You can test your e-mails before sending them!

To test your e-mail marketing campaign click "Test Mailing" and send it to yourself.

If it's done and you need to send it, choose your recipients and click "Send to All"

See Results!

See how your campaigns are performing!

When you press "Send to All" your e-mail goes to "In Queue" satus to prepare the sending.

It automatically goes to the next staus until it's completelly sent.

You can check you campaign performance by clicking on of your "Sending" or "Sent" newsletter.

There, you can click on what you want to measure and filter your options.