Invoicing Tutorial

To have all invoicing certified by AT

Start by creating clients

Enter your sales app: go to the purple bar on top of your website -> click "Website" -> "Sales" or go to your backoffice (url/web) -> box with little squares -> "Sales"

There click "Sales" and then "Clients" to create a new client and see all of your existing clients.

To create new clients, click "Create" and fill in the form - the purple fields are mandatory and the language is also important - Scroll down and fill in the "Sales and Purchases" (if it's a client or a provider) and the "Accounting" (payment terms).

Add your products or services!

To create new products or services, go to "Sales" and then "Items".

Click "Create" and fill in the form - Internal reference makes searches simpler. Don't forget to say if it's salable, purchasable or both.

Scroll down, go to "Invoicing" and check if your taxes are correct!

Note: Clients and Products/Services have a list of shortcuts on the right side of the forms. You can import Excel list of clients and products by clicking on the list icon on the right of each menu and then "Import"


You are ready to start invoicing

You can strart processing your sales and invoice products and services with AT certification.

Go to "Sales" and "Cotations" and create a new one - You can use it as a budget proposal for a client.

Fill in the form and add order lines - don't forget to check if your taxes are correct and that you can add a description to specify the product or service.

You can also add suggested products (the client only buys if he wants).

Send it to your customer!

You have two ways to send your budget proposal to your clients!

1st way: print the proposal and send it by mail or give it personally.

2nd way: send it by e-mail directly from ANSER.One - edit your e-mail content and it will send a link to the proposal. 

You can see what you are sending before doing it. Click "Preview" and customize your content before sending it to your client, like you edit and customize a normal website page.

What can customers do?

When you send an e-mail with a link for your proposal, your customers can accept, reject and leave feedback.

At the end of the proposal page, they have three buttons with their options. Thet can also add the suggested products to their buying list by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

If they click "Accept", a new window will open for them to sign.

Confirm your sale!

When your client accepts your budget proposal, you can confirm the sale.

On your cotation, click "Confirm Sale" - now you cannot edit it anymore!

Click "Create Invoice" and choose whether it is the total price or if you have an incoming payment. Then click on "Invoices" on the right.  


Check everything!

Make sure everything is correct.

If everything is correct click "Validate" to finish the invoice. 

If you click "Cancel Invoices" you must enter the reason for the cancellation and it will be sent directly to the AT.

The invoice is ready in accordance with AT standards.

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