Events Tutorial

For better and more efficient event planning 

Create Event Types!

There are many types of events in business.

Enter your event module by clicking on "Website" -> "Events" or by clicking on the box with little squares on your backoffice. 

You can create these type of events from menu "Events" -> "Configuration" -> "Event Categories" -> "Create".

Fill in the form:

- Event type

- Reply-to: The email address of the organizer

- Default Minimum registration: Minimum value of registrations for this event

- Default Maximum registration: Maximum value of registrations for this event

Now you can create Events

Now that you have a list of event types, you can start creating your events!

Click "Create" on your Events menu. Fill in the form with your event's details.

You can also define registrations, tickets, e-mail configurations and event descriptions. 

You can also create events directly on your website by clicking "+New" -> "Event" and filling out the name. Don't forget to edit your event page with the drag and drops you want. Click publish to give access to the page.

Edit your event preferences and details on your backoffice the same way you create an event there.

Note: The purple fields are mandatory

Note 2: If you want people to have access to your program, check "Dedicated Menu" and "Show Tracks on Website"

Manage Everything Easily

Now you have your event ready to manage!

Every event you create apear on your Event module. You can choose colors to easily identify your event types or to define importances and priorities. 

You can also see the number of expected participants for the event.

Get Sponsors 

Easily manage existing and new sponsors.

There are three types of sponsors predefined (Gold, Silver and Bronze) but you can create new ones. Go to "Settings" -> "Sponsors Types" -> "Create".

Select an event and click on the sponsers shortcut and create a sponsor for the event.

Organize calendars and manage speakers

Add a presenter proposal form to your event page. 

Click on an event and go to themes shortcut (some event types don't have the themes shortcut).

Now, your guests and participants can see your calendars on your event page, while buying a ticket. They can also make proposals for other speakers by clicking on "Propose a conversation" and it will automatically appear on the event theme shortcut.

Confirm your speakers by entering the theme shorcut and passing them from proposals to confirmed, announced or published.  

Sell tickets online

Your clients, guests and event participants have access to your event page (created earlier).

There they can choose how many tickets they want to buy and order them.

To finish the reservation, they have to fill out the form with the payment details and confirm the purchase.

It will automatically change the number of expected participants on your event and you can see it on your Event module.