E-commerce Tutorial

To sell more efficiently 

Create a Product page

Lets creat an amazing online shop.

Go to your website and click "+New" -> "New Product" and name your product. 

Now you have a blank product page for you to customize it by editing the editable fields or using the drag and drops you want. 

You can also create products in your sales module by clicking "Sales" -> "Articles" -> "Create".

To finish, click "Unpublished" to publish the product page.

Note: You only can add product details on your backoffice


Personalize your Product Catalog

Creat as many products as you want and show them on your shop.

Click on "Customize" and choose the elements you want to display.

You can also highlight products making them bigger by clicking on them, then "Customize" -> "Size" or add a ribbon by clicking on them, then "Customize" -> "Styles" -> "Sale Ribbon".

Manage your products

You can easily manage your products variety, categories and availability.

To add several pictures to a product go to "Website Admin" -> "Configurations" -> "Settings", select the option of several images per product and edit them on your backoffice. Select a product, enter "Image tab" -> "Create", then click on the pencil, add a picture, "Save and Create" (repeat as many times as you want). 

To have different atributes, go to your backoffice "Sales" -> "Configuration" -> "Settings" and select the opcion of several atributes. Select a product, enter "Atribute tab" -> "Create" and add values. You can see all your variants in your "Variant" shortcut.

You can also add different prices by atribute.

Sell everything

Now your online shop is ready!

Your clients can see all your products, select colours, sizes and quantities and add to cart. They can continue to add products to the cart and then proceed to checkout.

When the purchase is finished, your client will recieve an automatic invoice and your product will leave the inventory!