Blog Tutorial

To engage your customers

The Blog is already created!

With our Website app you have a blog ready for you to star using!

Go to your blog by typing your url followed by "/blog" and there you have it.

You can edit the elements of this page as you edit the other pages of the website: click "Edit" on top 

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Create a blog post!

It's very easy to start posting!

To create a blog post click on "+New" on the purple bar and then "New blog post" - your blog post page will appear blank for you to edit!

You can edit each content element or add new elements by dragging and dropping them from the list on the left onto the page.

Publish when you want!

You don't have to publish your blog posts right away!

When you finish writting a post you can decide whether to post it or not. 

To publish a blog post click on "Unpublished". If you click there by mistake, click "Published" and it will unpublish it!  

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See each post you've written!

If you are logged in to your website, you will see the complete list of blog posts but who is not logged in only has access to the published posts!

Go to your blog (https://url/blog) and see your complete list of blog posts.

There you have the published posts on top and you can see each post with title, description, author, date, number of views and tags.   

Create tags for your posts! 

You can help your customers identify your blog post content by using tags!

To create a tag to your blog post click "Website" on the purple bar on top of your page, then "Website Admin".

There click on "Blog" -> "Blog Posts". Choose the post where you want to create tags, click "Edit" and writte the tags you want, one at a time. 

When you save your tags, you can see them on your blog post's list.

Note: You can use the same tags in different posts